Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)
Section A
1.A) The dean should have consulted her on the appointment.
 B) Dr. Holden should have taken over the position earlier.
 C) She doesn’t think Dr. Holden has made a wise choice.
D) Dr. Holden is the best person for the chairmanship.
2 .A) They’ll keep in touch during the summer vacation
 B) They’ll hold a party before the summer vacation
 C) They’ll do odd jobs together at the school library
 D) They’ll get back to their school once in a while

3. A)Peaches are in season now.
 B)Peaches are not at their best now.
 C)The woman didn’t know how to bargain.
 D)The woman helped the man choose the fruit.

4.A)They join the physics club.
 B)They ask for an extension of the deadline.
 C)They work on the assignment together.
 D)They choose an easier assignment.

5.A)She admires Jean’s straightforwardness
 B)She thinks Dr. Brown deserves the praise
 C)She will talk to Jean about what happened
 D)She believes Jean was rude to Dr. Brown

6.A)He liked writing when he was a child
 B)He enjoyed reading stories in Reader’s Digest
 C)He used to be an editor of Reader’s Digest
 D)He became well known at the age of six

7.A)He shows great enthusiasm for his studies
 B)He is a very versatile person
 C)He has no talent for tennis
 D)He does not study hard enough
8 A) John has lost something at the railway station
 B) There are several railway stations in the city
 C) It will be very difficult for them to find John
 D) The train that John is taking will arrive soon
9. A)Its rapid growth is beneficial to the world
 B)It can be seen as a model by the rest of the world
 C)Its success can’t be explained by elementary economics
 D)It will continue to surge forward
10.A)It takes only 5 minutes to reach the campus from the apartments
 B)Most students can’t afford to live in the new apartments
 C)The new apartments are not available until next month
 D)The new apartments can accommodate 500 students
Section B

11.A)The role of immigrants in the construction of American society
 B)The importance of offering diverse courses in European history
 C)The need for greater cultural diversity in the school curriculum
 D)The historic landing of Europeans on the Virginia shore
12.A)He was wondering if the speaker was used to living in America
 B)He was trying to show friendliness to the speaker
 C)He wanted to keep their conversation going
 D)He believed the speaker was a foreigner
13.A)The US population doesn’t consist of white European descendants only
 B)Asian tourists can speak English as well as native speakers of the language
 C)Colored people are not welcome in the United States
 D)Americans are in need of education in their history
14.A)By making laws
 B)By enforcing discipline
 C)By educating the public
 D)By holding ceremonies
15.A)It should be raised by soldiers
 B)It should be raised quickly by hand
 C)It should be raised only by Americans
 D)It should be raised by mechanical means
16.A)It should be attached to the status
 B)It should be hung from the top of the monument
 C)It should be spread over the object to be unveiled
 D)It should be carried high up in the air
17.A)There has been a lot of controversy over the use of flag
 B)The best athletes can wear uniforms with the design of the flag
 C)There are precise regulations and customs to be followed
 D)Americans can print the flag on their cushions or handkerchiefs
Passage Three
18.A)Punishment by teachers
  B)Poor academic performance
19.A)The Board of Education
  B)Principals of city schools
  C)Students with good academic records
  D)Students with good attendance records
20 . A) Punishing students who damage school property
  B) Rewarding schools that have decreased the destruction
  C) Promoting teachers who can prevent the destruction
  D) Cutting the budget for repairs and replacements
Part II Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)
Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.
Passage one
  Too many vulnerable child-free adults are being ruthlessly(无情的)manipulated into parent-hood by their parents , who think that happiness among older people depends on having a grand-child to spoil. We need an organization to help beat down the persistent campaigns of grandchildless parents. It’s time to establish Planned Grandparenthood, which would have many global and local benefits.
  Part of its mission would be to promote the risks and realities associated with being a grandparent. The staff would include depressed grandparents who would explain how grandkids break lamps, bite, scream and kick. Others would detail how an hour of baby-sitting often turns into a crying marathon. More grandparents would testify that they had to pay for their grandchild’s expensive college education.
  Planned grandparenthood’s carefully written literature would detail all the joys of life grand-child-free a calm living room, extra money for luxuries during the golden years, etc. Potential grandparents would be reminded that, without grandchildren around, it’s possible to have a conversation with your kids, who----incidentally-----would have more time for their own parents .
  Meanwhile, most children are vulnerable to the enormous influence exerted by grandchildless parents aiming to persuade their kids to produce children . They will take a call from a persistent parent, even if they’re loaded with works. In addition, some parents make handsome money offers payable upon the grandchild’s birth. Sometimes these gifts not only cover expenses associated with the infant’s birth, but extras, too, like a vacation. In any case, cash gifts can weaken the resolve of even the noblest person.
  At Planned Grandparenthood, children targeted by their parents to reproduce could obtain non-biased information about the insanity of having their own kids. The catastrophic psychological and economic costs of childbearing would be emphasized. The symptoms of morning sickness would be listed and horrors of childbirth pictured. A monthly newsletter would contain stories about overwhelmed parents and offer guidance on how childless adults can respond to the different lobbying tactics that would-be grandparents employ.
  When I think about all the problems of our overpopulated world and look at our boy grabbing at the lamp by the sofa, I wish I could have turned to Planned Grandparenthood when my parents were putting the grandchild squeeze on me.
  If I could have, I might not be in this parenthood predicament( 窘境) . But here’s the crazy irony, I don’t want my child-free life back . Dylan’s too much fun.